Saturday, 12 April 2014

My Thoughts On Flower Crowns + DIY

I personally adore flower crowns and I'm so glad they are now perfectly acceptable to wear in public. Possibly the only reason of my love for them is the fact that they represent spring/summer. Flowers are beautiful so why not wear them on your head?  I noticed them around last year and always liked them but my self conscience blew me down with me thinking: " I could never pull that off!" I guess that was true since the only flower I crowns I saw were the over-sized gardens on people's heads. Luckily, they've toned down a bit with cute low key headbands in pretty much every clothes store you go.
From New Look for £3.99
If you happen to watch a lot of beauty gurus on youtube, you may come across a few tutorials for how to make them. There are all sorts of different ways, some with hot glue and some with wire so I decided to make my own. I won't give you a tutorial since I made it before the blog however here is the video of the tutorial I followed.
My Very Own
I bought my flowers from Wilkos for only £1.50 and already had some thin garden wire. It took a while and made the mistake of making it too tight so I had to cut the wire and add a new bit at the back. If you inspect my creation closely, you may notice the scragginess however I wasn't too bothered (I never really am actually) since nature isn't perfect. I don't wear this too often since the wire can be quite uncomfortable however you do get used to it after a while. That means that when you take it off you might get this reaction. Sorry for my lack of tutorial but I guess it is my first proper blog post. So that is my view on flower crowns. Although they can be a little uncomfortable, if you've got the chance to possible wear "summer" on your head, then why not? I will now go and get my beauty sleep. Wake me up when summer's here!

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