Saturday, 26 April 2014

DIY Bunny Ear Hair Bobble or Band

Hi everyone! Did you have a good Easter? Okay, okay. I'm sorry I'm late, but as an "eastery" DIY, I decided to make something I've seen around the internet. You most likely know what I am about to say since it is in the title so I won't repeat myself. I just wanted to say that I have made a lot of scrunchies (As you can see here) and I have made the bunny ear one from Anneorshine's video here. But I have also seen bunny ears on average hair bobbles and bands so I thought I'd do them instead. It is basically half the effort since you only have to make the ears but I guess I'm quite the lazy one, aren't I.

First you need to get the material.  I decided to just go with plain white fabric, which I re-used from old clothing because I am sustainable like that. Just measure it to around 12 inches by 5 inches and then cut it. You can always change the size but bear in mind that the size of one bunny ear will be around less than half of the length. Afterwards fold it up with the wrong sides facing out, fold it in half again from the left. Draw this shape like in the picture. It is really hard to explain but basically it is the bunny ear with a little bit at the bottom which will eventually be the middle which you tie.

Then it should unfold to this.

Now we get to the sewing bit. Or you can easily do exactly what I say but with glue instead! Fold it in half with the wrong sides facing out and tack it.

Get your sewing machine out and sew down the line making sure to leave a gap in the middle. Follow this diagram...

Don't judge my sewing machine.

 Now just turn it inside out to get to this...

The next bit is optional and I decided not to do it because I completely forgot about it... *facepalm*
You can get some thin wire and place it inside the hole so it stands upright when you put it on. This isn't vital and actually prefer floppy ears...

Yes definitely floppy ears.

All you have to do now is get the hair bobble or head band and simply tie it to it. When putting the hair bobble on, the ears generally get caught up with the pony tail so, I find, that you can tie your hair up first and then tie the bunny ears on. That is the best thing about these- They can be taken off and put back on and then put back on something else.. the list... ends there actually. You get my point though. It isn't permanent. Unless you want it to be permanent. Then go ahead and fulfill your dream and glue or sew it on. 

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