Thursday, 10 April 2014

Well Hi There...

Congratulations. *Clap* *Clap* Why am I applauding you?
Well, you happened to find this blog... this tiny blog in a vortex of other blogs, probably way better than this! If you aren't bored (or cringing) yet, let me tell you what you could expect (Okay this is cringey now)
Well, I love DIY's - Anything creative... okay, anything cheap (I'm a cheapskate, you may want to accept that)
I also happen to have a semi-interesting life so I might just talk about anything really.

WARNING: I happen to have a slight craving for summer: The beautiful weather, the clothes that you can finally dig out the back of the wardrobe (In England anyway), the picnics, early mornings, late nights- I should probably stop now before I really get started.
Oh and just one last message- I am not normally this "posh" in real life (This is my style of writing).
Have a lovely day
P.S I also like rhyming!

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