Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pastel Blazers

Is it just me who goes through phases of wanting things. Let me rephrase that- needing things. This happens a lot to me and I generally regret my impulse purchases about a month later. At the moment I'm in to Blazers... Pastel Blazers to be exact. 

Let me tell you why I love them. Colourful blazers can add so much "summer" to your outfit whilst keeping warm- although I guess any bright/pastel clothes can too. If paired with something casual, like jeans, it doesn't look too formal, but you still look smart and somewhat "professional". I wouldn't wear a black blazer since it would look like I'm going to an office job however the colour, I believe, almost hides the extreme formality.

My favourite style of blazer has to be the waterfall one. I've spotted some in New Look and they are just perfect... But there's one tiny problem, for me. You see I have very sensitive skin and I tend to only wear non irritating materials such as cotton and I avoid polyester and wool. Now can you guess what those blazers are made out of? Polyester. This may not be a problem for most of you but there are people out there, like me, who have to wave goodbye to a piece of clothing before even looking at the price tag. You're probably thinking, there must be other ones made of cotton and I say there most likely will be, but with a irritating price instead. 

Unfortunately, I don't have one to show you some outfit ideas but I made some on Polyvore! 
Click The Picture For My Polyvore

I'm not exactly going to be attending London Fashion Week or anything but I guess it's something to talk about, right? Anyway, Have a Wonderful Day and I hope you get over your latest craving lightly (We all have something we want, admit it.)

Blazers in Banner

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