Thursday, 24 April 2014

How To Get In The Summer Mood

As you might know, I am having summer withdrawal (that may or may not be a real thing) and living in England doesn't help. Right now it's spring and every few days you will get the odd "sunny day". By "sunny day" I mean, it looks perfect and you put on your flowy dress when you step outside and you realize that things aren't always as they look. You think you can bear it - you might just be in the shade... Right? Wrong. It's freezing so you run outside and get back changed into your pjs. That pretty much sums up England. I will not actually get into this post and start talking about how to get in the summer mood, whether the weather is a actually good or not. 

1. Wear Bright Colours
If you think about it, colours connote to each season. Spring = pastels. Summer=Brights. Autumn=Browns and purples. Winter =blacks and greys. That was just my opinion but do you get what I mean? Let's say you wear a bright hoodie. It's warm but colourful, automatically immersing you in the summer mood. 
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2. Get a Summer Playlist

This one I do alot, like alot. I generally go for songs that were in the charts at the time and songs that I listened to then. Also don't be afraid to dance - Well that was my inspirational words for the day.

3. Look through old photos
I find myself looking through photos way more than usual. When you look at the times that you were happiest, it actually makes you smile (and it makes you really want to be there again but don't worry about that) I sometimes shut my eyes and think. Ahhh. So nostalgic. 

4. Plan your summer
This one is more for the organized people maybe. I love writing lists and planning events although it never seems to work out exactly to plan (I sometimes forgot not everyone thinks like me). I just find planning my way of building up the excitement- to enjoy it even more when it comes. You can write lists of things you want to do or things you want to buy. Anything really (I won't tell you what to do)

5. Smile

For me, Summer is just a season full of memories and laughter. I can't really explain this one, but smile anyway. :)
6. Accept The Fact that, Good Things come to those who wait
By doing these things, summer isn't just going to appear. The clouds aren't going to fade away and the sun won't embrace it's rays of goodness. Just remember that, it will (it better) come eventually.

This was a short post but sometimes the "Summer Feels" take over and I just have to write about it. I do all these things and do them a lot because they just make me feel better, happier I guess. 
 Have a good day and try to do something other than sit in a corner and wait for summer.

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