Thursday, 4 September 2014

What's in my backpack? | DaliRae

For all students, the end of summer also means , the start of a new school year. I mean, don't get me wrong, fresh starts are the best. Infact, I think that is one of the reasons why I like school starting again but ugh. It can really drain the life out of you... An after school snack is my only savior.

But none of whatever I just said is going to stop me from finishing my back to school series with a bang. No not a bang. I can't think of a metaphor this very moment. Apologies. But I believe this will be my last back to school post as today I am going back to school! Yes we are going in after lunch. Wooo. Okay so let's get started!

This is the bag which I shall carry on my shoulders every school day. I purchased it last year for school from Amazon for around £20. For this new school year, I was going to buy a new bag however Eastpak is known for it's durable products so I decided just to glam it up a little. Ugh glam. So cheesy. 

Anyhoo, let's start with the front pocket...

So I actually decided to just plop my "makeup" bag in the whole front pocket for a few reasons (okay two but who cares):

  • It is easier to access
  • It structures the front pocket (as I put the material on myself and needs to be full to look nice)

Oh and by "makeup bag" I mean "skincare" bag. Well, I don't wear makeup but my skin needs some care you know. Well this is what is in there:
aveeno cream|vaseline is my savior | avene thermal water for PE and hot days | scrunchie from my shop | anti histamines for allergies  |mirror which I decorated | bobble+grips from cos | tissues

My main section (picture my large hand gestures) contains these goodies:

book (before I fall by lauren oliver | umbrella | glittery notebook from paperchase (in love) | waterbottle (yes i know it's empty) | lunch box from ikea | a5 wallet because there is such a thing as folding | yin yang pencil case from urban outfitters
Who else is in love with my pencil case? I know I am. But I don't just carry around an empty pouch so here is what is in my pencil case...

classic black+red sharpies | the only good rubber by staedtler | super practical foldy ruler | a selection of my favourite colours in pens/felt tips by staedtler | mini glue stick | protractor | the best pencils - staedtler (yet again) and bic papermate non-stop mechanical pencils | pens - bic inkjoy papermate 
Those were the contents of my school bag. Although I scheduled this post the night before, in an hour I will be in scratchy uniform, sitting in a science lab with people I find irritating.


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  1. Cute pencil case! The yin and yang symbol is so uncommon :D.

    Good luck with school! Hope things go well! It certainly is exciting :D.


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