Saturday, 6 September 2014

Summer Rewind ☀ DaliRae

Although Summer officially ends on the 22nd September, my 6 week holidays surely flied by... right into a wall. AHH SCHOOL STARTED. 
So, a while back in June, I wrote a summer bucket list. I just wanna do a little recap on whether I ACHIEVED SUMMER.

~ Have a whole week without eating anything remotely unhealthy
~ Try a completely new hairstyle
~ Sell something from my shop
~ Go somewhere I've never been before
~ Camp outside in the garden for one night
~ Revise something every week
~ Get better at Adobe Illustrator
~ Have a picnic
~ Spend more time in the sun

~ Stay outside and watch the stars
~ Develop my own drawing style
~ Practice Piano atleast twice a week
~ Go "jogging" once a week (When we normally "jog" we actually end up sitting in the park but it's nice to get out)
~ Blog twice a week without scheduling(I think I did but can't be bothered to check sorry)
~ Help my family out more
~ Practice Chinese Every two days
~ Go on a bike ride
~ Wear something out of my comfort zone( I made an outfit from items I never wear.) I reckon it counts.
~ Have a water fight (ice bucket challenge counts right?)
~ Go somewhere other than the park or town with friends
~ Take a picture everyday
~ Make a scrapbook
~ Find a favourite Film
~ Make fruit infused water
~ Fill a sketchpad

I completed 12 out of 25. I am a failure. But this doesn't mean my summer was a fail. It was actually quite fun. 


  • Going to a fast paced fitness class with my Mum and Auntie.
  • Being re-united with my old hobbie of cycling.
  • Teaching myself a load of songs on the piano just by listening to them.
  • Not epically failing at tie dye.
  • Having my first go at penny boarding.
  • Watching The Conjuring with a bunch of screaming weirdos... 
  • Waving my hands up in the air on The Smiler twice!
  • Taking numerous selfies with a donkey.
  • Longleat Safari Park.
  • Walking six dogs.
  • Ice Bucket Challenge/Water Fight.

No I was not going to spend £8 on a proper picture...

So that was a little summer overview. How was your summer?

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  1. You achieved quite a lot! x


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