Friday, 26 September 2014

friday favourites #2

Literally me + attempt at series = nope. 
So last week "Friday Favourites" totally blew over my mind so I'm back with more weekly favourites!

Favourite Instagram

Favourite Outer Layer
This was from a shop in Copenhagen, a gift from my Auntie. Recently I have been loving royal blue and have been wearing this coat non stop!

Favourite Dream Destination

Japan is such a beautiful place. Even the hectic city is so amazing for me. 
Favourite Face
Haha total change in mood there sorry.

Favourite Sushi
It was meant to be the cripsy salmon skin ISO from Yo Sushi as I recently went but I've temporarily lost my phone and couldn't get any more photos of it! This one off my instagram will have to suffice! I also got the avocado maki which was amaaaazing. But I am in no way a sushi expert having only tried it once. What sushi do you like?

So these were my favourites this week! 

Have an amazing weekend! Planning anything spesh? 


  1. Cool photos !! are you living in Japan ? :) haha i only stayed in japan for 15hrs for a lay-over and it was fun tho ! the Japanese people are so cute !


    1. Haha I wish! I'm afraid the pictures of Japan were the work of google! That sounds fun! Did you manage to go shopping? I love the unusual, moderny bits and bobs they have! xx


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