Tuesday, 30 September 2014

my heart is set on travelling❤️dalirae

For the past week, my heart has been set on travelling. By travelling, I mean visiting a number of countries in Eastern Asia. Don't get me wrong, I'm 13. Obviously I'm not going to be exploring the world any time soon. It's just a big dream of mine. Let me explain...

I'm not 100% certain on what spurred this sudden idea but I do know I've always wanted to travel and explore new places. I think I may save where I want to go for another post; today I just felt like chatting to a screen... okay.

So, as you probably know, my name is Dali. What you probably didn't know was that I was named after a small town in China which my parents traveled to.

Now I love my name. Knowing the fact that it was due to traveling, makes me feel somewhat "closer". This whole post sounded better in my head but I will carry on anyway!

Although I feel like I wouldn't want to constantly move around I love change and the idea of new scenarios. It isn't just the fact that England may be a little dreary at times but that there is so much out there. So many places to see, people to meet.

One of my personality traits, good or not, is that I have a tendency to plan. When it comes to homework and blogging, I'm a pro. Organisation skills on point but sometimes, well always, I like to take it a little further and just peek into my unknown future. I would say thinking about my future is what makes me live today. It inspires me to live up to my dreams but, I guess, raises my hopes a little. If I was to say where I want to be in, let's say, 5 years, I would like it to be somewhere in Eastern Asia, China maybe? I would be 18 then. The age of independence... exploring. Although I say that now, who knows what will happen? I could be too busy working or be in huge debt. I also want to do thrilling things suchas bungee jumping and skydiving but if I convince myself now that I am going to live that life, I might be disappointed when it just never happens.

Throughout the period of ages 6-10 the best possible birthday present was anything tacky, plastic and advertised on TV. Yes I was a sucker for the ads being forced upon young children. As I grew up and matured, I started to appreciate the moments which I collected in my little brain and began to realize the uselessness of the tack I had accumulated. Now, I am a huge fan of this quote "Collect moments not things." Because one day those "things" may break, may get lost, may mean nothing to you but the memory will always be there... I hope. Do you ever just block out your surroundings and think. Think about an amazing memory, whether years ago or yesterday! Just thinking about the special days I've had makes my tummy warm and I smile without even knowing it. It just goes to show that moments are special. Imagine going to bed thinking about an inanimate object... your phone. Yes you probably love it but would just thinking about it make you smile? Would it give you that warm, homely feeling?

Despite this, I've been trying recently not to live in the past. Ughhhhhh. Yes okay I literally just said to think about the past but, by this I mean regret. This post was meant to be about travelling so I won't go in to too much detail but start living in the past, or the future for my case!

When I originally thought about this post, I envisaged a whirlwind of words about Japan, China and my aspirations just not like what it turned out to be. But I guess I like what was poured out of my mind at that very moment in time.

Helena, one of my amazing friends, also hopes to go travelling when she's older! We want to go together but, like I said, who knows what will happen! We hope to do some sort of blogging collaboration about travelling so expect that at some point in your life... hehe have a good day!

Do you want to travel or do any thrilling activities?

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  1. I can't wait to travel the world! x


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