Thursday, 6 November 2014

Asos Wishlist!

Recently I downloaded the asos app! Although I can't recall any purchases from Asos in my lifetime, I really like a lot of the things on there and hope to buy stuff as it is free delivery, something most shops or websites don't have. But, back to the app, it is just so easy to do my daily dose of internet shopping and you can also put things you like in a "save for later" section. I love this as I generally just bookmark everything and forget about it. But I don't want to hold you back for too long so let's get on!

Two Striped Socks
Although it's been going on for years, I never caught onto the "special sock" trend. By this I mean: frilly socks, socks with cats on and burgers and novelty things like that. I always would just wear weirdly patterned socks from years ago and plain ones. But, I think it's the right time to bust out the fancy feet I've kept away for the past few years. These are just simple yet exactly what I'm looking for. I also have my eye set on the high knee versions because it's Autumn. Do you know what Autumn is like in Britain? Flippin cold.

Recently, I have been really wanting a maxi skirt. Although the only one I've ever owned is DIY old dress one of mine, I'm just quite intrigued to be honest. I think the reason why I now wish for one is because of the two piece dresses that I see a lot (in cow!).  They are like crop tops and maxi skirts but the same pattern and I think if they were slightly different patterns it would look really nice for a special occasion. This simples black one will go with quite a lot and, as it has a sheer section, it adds detail to an otherwise black skirt. 

Green Trousers with Elastic Ankle Detail
I believe these are just thin, green, less comfortable sweat pants.They certainly aren't something I would normally wear but there is just something inside of me, convincing myself I could pull them off. At £15, I wouldn't say they are worth the money because the material is thin and would most likely irritate my skin. Plus I can't imagine these keeping me warm. But I would say I am hooked on these "trousers".

For a while now, just a plain white blouse has been on my wishlist. Although mandatory to wear them 5 times a week, I really would prefer not to go out in my school clothes when I don't have to. The scalloped collar adds the individuality ordinary blouses lack plus Boxy shirts will always be at the top of the list for me. I would say this is exactly what I need/want.
Suede Ankle Boots
These have never fallen into any so called wishlist of mine however I stumbled across them in the footwear section of Asos. I just adore the detail on these and the white platform which adds a bit of contrast. These shoes are simply designed

 So this was my Asos Wishlist! Sorry about forgetting Friday Favouriters and then Saturday Specials once again! My excuse is that I was too busy knocking on doors asking for food. I reckon it's valid enough.

Have a lovely day (or night) everyone! 


  1. maxi skirtsss! I love maxis ^^ I own like three or four haha :)

    1. yaaasssss! haha I just love the flowiness (if that makes sense) tbh!

  2. That maxi skirt looks gorgeous and now is on my wishlist too. I have a very similar one in red which I use all the time ! I'm loving the design on your blog.

    1. Yes! and it was only £11 as well! Your maxi skirt sounds amazing- I've been loving the colour red at the moment! and thankyou! I'm going to check out your blog! xx


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