Saturday, 8 November 2014

saturday specials

Today I present to you another round "Saturday Specials". I would've done a "friday faves" but I foolishly over exaggeration there posted on the Thursday and, as I don't post too often anymore, when I finally do I would prefer them not to be cramped next to each other... Anyway This week has been stressful, to say the least and it has been cold... just cold. I spent my whole morning planning a christmas series which better work out because the christmas excitement overcame me. But let's see what I've been loving!

Favourite Shop

totally out of the ordinary... and i love it.

Favourite Clutch
Actually from the owner of the shop before's Depop, who also had the collar I mentioned last time. Unfortunately it's sold now. Pooey.

Favourite Show
Creds to Netflix.

Favourite Hobby

Although I've been playing piano for around 5 years, I have really started to enjoy playing it. I believe I've mentioned it in one post or another but yep I love it. 

Favourite Background
This seems to be a common "favourite" of mine. I would say I change my phone background more than I change my hair.

Have an amazing day and I hope you aren't cursed with rain!
Unless you like rain then enjoy it! hehe


  1. Hey Dalirae! You are one of my nominees of the One Lovely Blog Award. Please, check it out:
    - June

    1. Thankyou! I will try and do it soon! :)


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