Tuesday, 11 November 2014

the sale rack at urban

Ever since I immersed myself in the hipster warehouse we call Urban Outfitters, I fell in love. Although now more of a mainstream shop, I still adore the eccentric, vintage-inspired pieces. What I don't love is the price. 

That's why they have sales. Thank goodness.

Although huge sales are seasonal, I always find a little sale rack hidden away somewhere. They are never kept in the best condition. With clothes on the floor, all packed into a tiny room. It is almost as if they don't want things going cheap but if something's cheap, it't cheap. Anyway, I've recently been on the hunt for a new dress for a slightly special occasion you'll hear about later! Whilst rail flicking, I found two for £15 each. I genuinely couldn't decide on which one I preferred so I got both and here they are!

This first one is from Christina Perri's MinkPink range. The thing about this dress that I love is the whole design. Recently the colour red has been up high on my favourites as the vibrancy is just amazing. The delicate flowers add a girly touch but let's not forget about the lace insert. Wow this doesn't sound very interesting. Like, super amazing feature which totally stands out? No it's just lace. Anyway, although it might let a breeze in (if you get what I mean), it makes it more special and different. So they were the pros. But the cons? Well there are a few. For one, the material is quite thin but it does make it flowy. Turning a bad point into a good one. <---- optimist over here! Also the lace is so delicate that it is very prone to coming apart. One of the dresses did actually have a huge hole in the lace. I was hoping to get it with a huge discount but we only got £1.50 off so bye bye. However, even on this dress, some threads are coming off.

Last con: the back. As a young girl, two huge gaping holes in the back aren't always the best features to have on a dress. In reality, they aren't massive but it means I have to be more conscious about what I'm wearing underneath. UGHHH THE PRESSURE. 

Overall, I just love the design and colours and at £15, it's what I call a bargain. 

My second purchase was this beautiful green dress from the "Urban Renewal" brand.

First things first, not the realest but the colours. The vivacious blend of orange and bright green. Like red, I have also been loving bright greens. Normally I wouldn't even think of wearing patterns like this but I guess I'm maturing hehe. Another thing I love is the shape, something I wasn't to keen about on the last dress. I like how to arm holes are quite straight and it isn't very revealing. The material is very thick and good quality which is a plus. The only thing bad about it is a small rip in the back. That's how it's treated in the sale rack you see.

On the whole, I love this dress and it is probably my favourite between the two although I'm unsure whether to believe it is a recycled vintage piece, as the label says. If it is, extra points.

So, which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments? 


  1. I love the red one! Sounds like you had a great clothes haul, which I never get! Nice post! X
    - June

  2. Urban Outfitters! Yay! ^^ But they're too rich for my blood, haha. I usually shop Forever 21's sales racks for a hipster look ;)

  3. They are both gorgeous! I love the first one the most <3 Oh you must look so beautiful in them xx
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart


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