Thursday, 13 November 2014


USELESS WARNING: There is a slight chance you will find this post boring unless you are a student but it's up to you whether you cast your eyes on this post or not. 

On my home screen I have a neat little folder called "boring". In that I place the "apps which you can't delete" ie: newstand, passbook, stocks and for a long time: podcasts. Up until around a week ago, podcasts were useless. Well, I'd never given them a chance but I'd assumed they were boring and paid for. When I finally decided to give them ago, as I wanted extra help learning mandarin, I found out they were free and useful as heck (never used that word before, just reminds me of "The Middle".) I now have tonnes downloaded and it doesn't take up much storage as you can either stream them, storagelessly (made up word of the day) and if you do decided to download them for wifi free listening, they are deleted after finishing. 

I tend to download ones if I need help revising for a certain subject, or so I can improve on pronouncing chinese and then listen to them when I go to bed. Although I'm not certain it't scientifically proven that falling asleep to something helps you remember it (well I haven't researched it) but it's an easier way of doing something than reading it and staying awake all night studying. 

Not only are there factual podcasts but funny ones: Tyler Oakley had his own "podcast subscription thing" which I didn't actually listen to but assumed he wasn't teaching us the periodic table or anything. Basically, there are masses of sound bytes just waiting to be listened to. 

As for the Android users out there, I did my research and found ways that you can get podcasts tooooooooo:

  • If you search them up on the internet, they will generally have a "download" button so you can download them!
  • There are free apps you can download suchas "Podcast Addict" and "Podcast Republic".
Although this isn't the kind of post I would generally do, I just wanted to share with you guys something that I found useful because I'm helpful like that. 

Moral of the story: Don't judge a book by it's cover, or name and give podcasts ago.

Oh and don't make me say "This isn't a sponsored post" because like Apple would pay a teenager with like 10 followers to talk about their free app which is automatically on every iPhone and millions people are already using. Thankyou. 

Hehe BYEYEEE have a good day!

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  1. omg hahaha the Hecks from the Middle xD looove that show


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