Saturday, 15 November 2014

this morning // dalirae

Recently I have been really into small, "meaningful" posts with not much planning, more spontaneous? Well, hopping out of my non-existent schedule isn't that spontaneous but I try, I really do. Anyway, before I start this post I just need to catch you up with my beings:

  • I've started to write down all of my dreams as I find them very interesting and normally forget them quite soon.
  • I have a long notes bit on my phone where I've written them all down.
  • Unfortunately, long story short, my phone got water damaged and it has been sitting in rice the past week :(
  • Last night I had a really nice dream which I needed to get down before it flew away from the 10% of my brain I could reach.
  • So I got out my notebook and wrote it down.
  • It was quite early in the morning so I had a little night light from IKEA to guide me through the hand ache. 
  • Whilst sitting in my bed recalling last night's adventures, it somehow spurred a photography opportunity. 
I speak no more and let pictures take over words....

Guess I was feeling "tumblry"?

Yes, Yes my handwriting is atrocious. It is difficult doing it lying down though. hehe

Hope you liked the pictures - Have a wonderful day! 
Oh and I'm hoping to do a Sunday Special tomorrow as I wanted to post this today! 


  1. I must say that these pics are so amazing <3
    Specially 6th and last one <3
    Would u like to follow each other?
    follow me via gfc and i will follow u back for sure (gfc)


    1. Thankyou so much! Yeah sure I would love to follow you! xx


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