Monday, 27 October 2014

i change my mind... alot

For some reason I find it impossible sticking to a specific thought or feeling for longer than a day. Okay, I guess a day is quite a long time, 24 whole hours. But in this case, I don't mean emotions because they are changing constantly but rather more ideas towards a subject.

My example, Autumn. My " thoughts on autumn"  post basically told the story of how my love for the season was growing. I can tell you now that it didn't last long. That was mainly because of the dramatic change in weather. From cool breezes to almost torrential storms, dripping wet, constantly. Now? Eh. Today the wind was cool and crisp. I'm sorry but I sometimes can't help myself when I talk about the weather. 

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that sometimes I get so involved in a certain feeling or emotion. I write about it, I talk about it, I think that it is everything I've ever wanted but it's not. Surprise, surprise, I feel completely different about it the next morning. If I think about it and lead this whole post to just one thing, it would be commitment. 

I personally would class myself as I committed person most of the time. Okay, okay, I will admit my blogging schedule isn't exactly up to speed with how it was when I started but I'm still doing it. I'm still learning Chinese, I'm still playing the piano, I still trying to think of more examples but I  can commit. I kind of need to be committed for the next year as I am doing the Duke of Edinburgh award.  If you don't know what it is, it's basically where you volunteer, learn skills, do sport for 3 months and at the end you go on a hike across fields, fields and more fields. 

I kind of went off topic there but whilst I was writing this post I realized something. 
I realized that I will only commit to something fully if I have a reason for it. Examples? Chinese? Amazing life skill and I'm hoping to travel across China. Piano? Yet another life skill. It also makes me feel special that I can play it. Blogging? My life motto is "start early". I'm 13. One of the main reasons  that I started my blog was in the hope for it to expand as I reach maybe 20, other than the fact that I love sharing my thoughts and DIYs with you all!
But, point made, if I adore something, like a dress let's say, the maximum I would say it would be loved for is around a week. There's no reason to want a dress, I don't need it.

I come to the end of my post now. Apologies for boredom as whilst writing this post I learnt more about myself rather than talking to you. I didn't learn much but it's a start. Although I may not have many readers, I guess that's what blogging is really about isn't it?

P.S I was going to schedule this as I posted yesterday but I guarantee my feelings will not be the same and it won't be true. 

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  1. I feel like that sometimes too... I guess as humans, it's inevitable to have ever changing emotions.
    This is a great post Dali xx made me think:)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart


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