Sunday, 26 October 2014

Gif Quest!

Greetings! So I got nominated by Olivia to do the gif 
quest! If you didn't know what it is, it's basically a really cool tag where you look for gifs. It's so much fun so thanks and you can Olivia's out here!

+ Include Lily's tag image (above)
+ Tag 2 or more people when you're finished
+ Try not to use GIFs that other people have already used. If you do, it's still okay!
+ Come up with your OWN, UNIQUE 10 scenarios

Olivia's Scenarios:

1. When the fire alarm goes off at school.

2. When your parents say "we need to talk".

3. When someone says they don't like your fandom.

4. When the teacher uses your project as an example.

5. When your family gives you money.

6. When you're supposed to be studying.

7. When you're waiting for pizza.

8. When your parents say "or nah".

9. When your teacher says "take notes".
WHOOPS censored sorry! 

10. When someone tags you for a blog tag.

So now here are my scenarios!

1. When your teacher shouts at the whole class

2. When you find out there is no food in the house

3. When somebody asks for some of your food

4. When you walk outside and it starts raining

5. When you find something you lost

6. When you can't open the lock of a public toilet

7. When your music is too loud

8. When you see a spider

9. When you wake up late

10. When you try to flirt

I nominate:

and youuuu!
It's a pretty fun tag so I say do it! Go Ahead!

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