Tuesday, 8 July 2014

☆Zara Wishlist☆

Whilst in town the other day, we stumbled into Zara. Although having numerous items from Zara (mostly including basics from the children's section), I'd never actually had a proper look around. When I finally did, I fell in love... like actual love. That is when I decided to a Zara wishlist. Let's Go! ----->

Crotchet Shorts

So the first thing which caught my eye was this pair of yellow crotchet shorts with a little pom pom hem! They look so comfy since they are elasticated and just so summery.If you know me, then you will know that I love yellow. Especially pastel yellow! Infact, I already own a yellow crotchet skirt from Zara. Pretty much the same as this in skirt form.

Ha! I told you! Guess what? They are on sale too! My life is actually complete. My soulmate is a pair of shorts. From £25.99 to £12.99. B-A-R-G-A-I-N. They also come in a salmony pink colour, which I am thinking of getting since I already have yellow lace. What do you think?

Although the denim jacket trend is kinda gone, I really like this certain one. I personally love how it looks white-washed and from far away, may not be recognized as a denim jacket. Basically, it is different and it stood out so yeah. This is £29.99 at the moment (on sale from £39.99), which is too much for me but as I mentioned in my last wishlist. This will remain as a wishlist. 

Shorts with Sheer Detail
Although I don't think I would necessarily suit these, I just really like them. The sheer line adds a special feature which made all the difference with me. Me + White = Disaster. I would probably end up getting a stain on them within the first half an hour of purchasing them. Whereas, Me + White and Sheer Line = Me being as careful as I can and ending up with maybe one tiny stain. LOGIC. These are £15.99 on sale from £25.99. 

Padded Messenger Bag
Throughout the time that I have spend writing this post, this bag as grown on me. If I'm honest, those metal clasp things are a little distracting but I guess that is part of the design. I've never seen a bag similar(ish) to this. You can probably tell I like to be slightly different than other people. Black is a simple colour which can be paired with pretty much anything. I think it would just be a very practical item to have. Unfortunately it is £25.99 (on sale from £39.99).

When in the shop, I found a really nice top which I cannot find on the website anywhere. It basically had a colourful graphic, I think, screen printed design with bits cut out of it and replaced with a sheer lace. I think it was just a bit of a twist on an average tee.

So that is the end of my wishlist. Zara could now possibly be my favourite shop. I adore everything since they all have some sort of twist to add an extra characteristic to stand out from the highstreet. Not to mention the photos. They are so modern and follow a theme. Zara + Instagram would be Perfect. 

Okay so I managed to fit in three metaphorical equations in this post.

Peace Out.

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  1. I love ZARA! x


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