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Avène Thermal Water Spray Review

For the first time in forever I am going to do something sort of beauty related and that is a 


As the title clearly states, it will be on the Avène Thermal Water Spray. Before I go off into my own land, I am just going to start this thing! Let's Go!! 

Firstly, What is this magical spray you talk about?
Basically all that thermal water is a mineral water which has healing properties and a whole lot of goodness. Examples of what you can use it for include: Setting makeup, for dry skin, cooling down, helping with sun burn, after hair removal, when travelling and much more. There are other brands which make thermal water but this one is my favourite and is french (Au thermale Water).

What Do You Use It For?

Since I don't wear makeup and probably never will, I basically just use it in my moisturizing routine and for cooling down. I actually first bought it around October when I suffered from eczema and it was helpful for soothing any itchiness or anything like that. Now, although I don't do this everyday, I spray it on my face and then lock in the moisture with my aveeno cream or just pat it dry. If you don't put on moisturizer or dry it off after spraying your face (or getting it wet at all for that matter) it will evaporate and could dry out your skin. Also, now that summer is here, it is perfect for cooling you down because it is a lot better than splashing your face from the water in the sink. Just me?

Your Opinion?

Despite all my knowledge on this product, I am still not certain on the actual use and how different it is to everyday water. I do make it out to be an amazing item, which it is. The only real problem is that you have to moisturize after (EFFORT) and the price. The packaging is really simple and modern which I personally like and the spray is quite refreshing. Basically, in my opinion, it is really good for cooling down but if you want to do it properly, it might take a bit of effort.

Good Value For Money?

It comes in 3 sizes and each one costs a different amount. 
50ml is £3.15
150ml is £6.50
300ml is £10
I always get the 150ml because it lasts me a long time and as you gradually get more, the price per ml decreases. If I could, I would have a 300ml one for home use and a 50ml for out and about. Being a cheapskate, this is quite expensive but also being a skin freak (?!), it does improve skin and all that technical stuff!

Rate Out Of Ten?
Probably an 8! 

So I hope you liked my first review! I might do other reviews on random non beauty things but if you want anything cosmeticy, it may be a while til my next one! Unless you want me to review my deodorant or something!

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  1. So good for hot Summer months x


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