Monday, 2 March 2015

my half term! - dalirae ❤️

So a couple of weeks ago was half term! Meaning, a break off school (plus a sprinkle of homework blegh) and a general "relax". I add inverted commas due to the fact that I had a, generally, full schedule! Yep it was a busy week full of non stop plans, socialising and many new experiences actually! Anyway, I won't bore you any longer (or should I say, keep the suspense... No? Okay.) Lets go!

Okay. I tell a lie. I wasn't booked up -all week. Saturday, the first day, wasn't scribbled in but I did go out for my weekly chinese lesson and I returned to my "do it yourself" status by making something to do with pom poms. 

Now to the good part, I spent a day with Helena! If you've read my blog before you probably already know her but if not her blog is here. So we decided to have a little "exploring" day. By exploring we just walked around town, hoping to venture into a world full of surprises and adventures but we just found buildings, buildings and a castle. 
We then needed lunch because food. We were actually spoilt for choice with cute cafes, quirky bars and exotic takeaway food all around us, calling our names. Eventually, we settled for The Pudding Pantry. Desserts were clearly their speciality but Helena went for granola and I got sweetcorn chowder soup (still don't know what chowder is though, not gonna lie). 
My soup! - Tasted nicer than it looked. 
After we walked around aimlessly a bit more and then met up with a few friends! 

I actually went to town again that day but with Esme! We had a bit of a shopping day, wandering around urban outfitters, Primark and all sorts of "vintagey shops". In primark we tried on the cutest, comfiest onesies with the slouchiest "crotch area". 
Throughout the day I ended up splurging on primark pjs, goodies from Cow and the ball and cup toy for my "cousin" but I was genuinely contemplating whether to keep it for myself.

tuesday - PANCAKE DAY!
Yes, as you just read, it was pancake day! An excuse to throw away your begrudges and eat til your heart's content. Helena (who you know), Kinza and Mariah came to mine where we had our go at making + flipping pancakes (minus a recipe, plus the aid of my mum). At first, we were weary but they turned out decent. The only flipping fiasco was by me where the pancake fell into the gas but it was only because I was recording it - yes that meant I captured the moment.  
We managed to save it but it singed every so slightly on the bottom :| whoops. 
As for the toppings, we had double cream, strawberries, chocolate sauce and ice cream at the ready. 
Oh and if you didn't notice already, someone doesn't like pancakes (*cough* kinza). After our indulgence in cream and batter, we went to the park (a weak attempt to burn off the pancakes) and then chilled at mine with good ol' wii party. 

So I was really excited for that day because I'd planned to go to my first ever gig but not before a quick trip to the florist (another first) as my mum wanted a bouquet for a backdrop
Anyway, this was was only a small lunchtime gig but it was by a band which I've been loving recently! I will admit, I've only just started listening to their music but I am in love with it. They are little comets! Go and listen to their music now actually after reading this, no whilst your reading this! Link here - go go go! Thy are a kind of indie trio and are soo good! They performed at Rough Trade which is a really cool music shop! We arrived on time meaning seats were scarce. In the end we stood but the music made up for it. 

As it was only a small, free gig, they sang about 5 songs and then signed a few thing! I was super awkward meeting them because I couldn't hear them but we got a photo and their signatures! 
After my little starstruck moment we went around the "hipster part of town". Around vintage shops and art galleries. 

Today was a little slow. I had no events booked in my calendar and few notifications. Sigh. In the morning me, my dad and my brother went out to view some land. Although I don't have much of a say in moving or building a house, I've been avidly researching kit homes. *emoji heart eyes 

But after that, everything just went a bit dull really. Spending the day on my laptop, slouching around watching Pretty Little Liars (A ANNOUNCED IN LESS THAN A MONTH WUT?!), Ugly Betty (a throwbaaack) and Blackfish. Not gonna lie, at first I thought it was a catfish sequel but turned out to be about whales. I actually found it very interesting and deterred me from working at any sea life centre place. Infact, it kind of made me think about zoos and aquariums, how animals should be free. But that's a whole other subject. 

The year of the goat/ram/sheep (we aren't really sure!) So we went to manchester to spend time with the whole family and eat a tonne of FOOOOOD (thankyou grandma+grandad). We were also celebrating my cousin's third birthday so I took a trip to sainsburys before and I'm telling you now, shopping for a three year old on a budget is the hardest thing I've ever done. I ended up getting some hair clips, an Easter egg, a red nose and a 25p left over Valentine's phone case because it was 25p *applause*. We ended up leaving at around fourish and arrived in manchester at 6ish to a table full of prepared chinese treats for hotpot. 

Still in Manchester, we celebrated my cousins birthday! (as I mentioned before). But first we had to make the cake. Well I say cake, I also mean muffins and a traybake. A right "bake fest".This was the final cake. 
*ta dahh*
We were then set for PARTY FOOD. my fave (well maybe not fave fave but in my top 50 *smirk*). After I ate numerous cocktail sausages and muffins, everyone was up for a "chill". But I wasn't. I was determined to take part in some sort of exercise so I dragged some people for a quick walk. 

Straight after we had reservations at a chinese restaraunt ( as my there were too many people for my grandma to cook for) and it was veryyy nice. 

Due to a suspected "blizzard" we left Manchester quite early and got back to nottingham at lunchtime. As my brother didn't come to Manchester with us and, in turn, missed the chinese food fest, my mum (well, sainsburys) prepared a whole array of catch up food including duck, wraps and spring rolls. And then it was back to weeping in the corner whilst I waiting for school to drag me into a gaping pit of stress, drama and EARLY MORNINGS. 


dali xx

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