Wednesday, 18 March 2015

recently... dalirae

So I haven't blogged in a while SO I'M BAAACKK but only with a quicky update post! *weep.

So I've recently been watching this non-stop. A "feel good" comedy about a woman rescued from an underground cult. I say no more.

My Dad recently fished out some yellow velvet curtains from the shed meaning I HAD MATERIAL TO MAKE THINGS OUT OF!! I ended up starting a yellow two piece outfit (top and skirt) but still haven't finished. Whoops. We also went to a material shop and I got some black corduroy, pink f urry material and daisy trimming. The only finished item so far is a black cord turtleneck halter and I'm in love with it. Unfortunately I don't have the ability, backdrop or light to take a decent picture of it so here is a slightly edited mirror selfie. 

In 11 days I have a piano exam. That means consistent practising, or so I like to say.

D of E Award
If you're from the UK, you might be aware of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. This is basically something to put on a CV and involves you volunteering, doing a sport, a skill and a 2 day hike across the Peak District. That means I've started playing tennis, or trying to play tennis. In a group of mostly 11 year olds, me , helena and kinza are probably the worst. I am carrying on learning mandarin for my skill and will hopefully start volunteering at a local charity shop soon. 

On Saturday, my parents had a craft fair in Sheffield and, having never been there before, I was eager to hop along and "help". Yes, by "helping", I meant walking around town, taking pictures and buying goodies from other stalls. Whoops.
Moonko! A super cute shop.

Anyway this is about ittttt. I'd scheduled this post to be up atleast over a few weeks ago but I failed once again, with the excuse of "I still need to take photos" popping up like flies. But yes. I still need to take photos, more photos. So I may or may not update this post again. But you don't need to know that because like you are going to read this boring post again. If you are then ILY.

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  1. This is a lovely post! I totally get the piano exam constantly practicing.... That was me a few months ago. :) Good luck on your exam!


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