Sunday, 8 February 2015


As I briefly mentioned in one of my last posts, I went on a trip. This trip was to Kingswood. Now, if you live in England, you may have heard of it but it's an "adventure" residential. You do activities like climbing, archery and all that "teamwork" stuff. I went with Ella and Helena who also have blogs (links on their names!). Anyway, let's get on. 

We arrived at Dearne Valley and got a quickie tour round the place. I won't go into too much detail but here are a few piccies. 
the huge solar panels - they were act silly broken and meant all the automatic doors had to be opened manually. 
the high ropes course in the background! ugh there was somebody in the way afghh.

free time 
After food, we just chilled in our dorms. Me, Ella and Helena spent most of that time playing shadow puppets. no regrets it was fun af. 

indoor climbing
This was our first activity! Unfortunately I only got one go up the wall as we got taught all the ropes and knotty technical stuff. 

we then went to sleep...

Yep. We woke up to this...

Some love it, some hate it. If you were to ask me, I'd place myself in the middle. It's beautiful but COOOLDDD and makes your feet wet yulch (new word). 

After we'd had breakfast and it was for time for our next activity, the Winter Wonderland had turned to Slush Central due to excessive amount of footprints and snowballs.

The first activity of the day: abseiling. I had done it before when I was 8 off a bridge. It was something which I really enjoyed so therefore I was excited to do this. It was a little different as, instead of, literally, walking down a bridge, it was down a huge tower like building. At first, it was scary and I had the tightest grip on the rope but the second time I went round, I'd gotten used to it and started to jump down. 

This was our next activity. Considering we had to trapse through mud and our feet were already soaking, this was reasonably fun. We had a map and had to find many points around the site. 

It was then time for lunch (not gonna lie I was probably more excited for food than the activities) but the snow was gone and in fact replaced by SUNSHINE YEAAAS.

okay so I didn't exactly capture the sun in this but take my word for it. THERE WERE RAYS SHINING DOWN FROM THE HEAVENS.

This was the one activity which I had no clue about but turned out to be surprisingly fun. I believe bushcraft is meant to be surviving in a forest, making shelter, cooking food and all that stuff but we just made fire. FIRREE with this keyring looking thing. It involves some sort of chemical reaction and friction to make sparks but it wasn't a science trip so I'm not going to explain the mechanics of it.
Our preceding activity was nightline. Basically where you have to put on a blindfold and walk around with the aid of the person infront of you (who is also blindfolded). BASICALLY, everyone is blindfolded except for the instructor because otherwise people would get majorly injured. Being a responsible "teenager" right there. The result of nightline was wet feet. 

Food. Nothing else to say really except for FOOD.

Our last activity of the day was archery. I think you all know what this is so I won't explain but I was pretty awful, not gonna lie.

Then it was that time of the day/night. Gotta love a good night's rest.

Problem Solving
Our Penultimate activity was Problem Solving. This was just a mix of different challenges in which we had to USE OUR MIND. yas.

Leap of Faith
Our last event of the weekend was certainly on of the best. It was the leap of faith... and queue action shot ba dum dum

To sum up, you just jump of a pole. Ta Dah.

And then we had a spot of lunch and left.

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast! Great post!
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