Monday, 17 August 2015


HI! HI! HI! I am monumentally sorry about my long, like really long blogging break. I don't really have any valid excuses on why I've left it so long but I must say I have been trying to write posts but just not finishing them oops. But now I'm back. maybe. I'm really bad at this I'm sorry but a LOT has changed since I've started blogging. You could say I've matured but there may not be so much truth in this statement. Other than that I've made a lot of new friends, had many new experiences, learned a lot more skills and developed one BOMB ASS MUSIC TASTE. Sorry about the last one but it's true. But, to anyone who is still blogging and still up for reading mine, here's a little update on my whereabouts and stuff. 

So it is now the summer holidays. A 6 weeks break before the horror of studying, homework and uniform kick in. Although it sounds and used to seem long, it isn't. I am, in fact, already half way through which saddens me a lot. This is why, every year, I make it my unwritten mission to make the most of the break and you could say I have (to an extent). I don't want to go on too much but in a bullet pointed list, this has been my holiday so far:

  • Exploring Nottingham (the city I live in) with my friends.
  • Cycling - I've been doing a lot of cycling.
  • Trying to play guitar (still very bad)
  • Making clothes (slight exaggeration; I've made a top.)
  • Going to Manchester (Twice: once with friends, once with family)
  • Finding new music (a lot of new music.)
  • Drawing and painting.

and that's about it I think. Here are few photos:

My Grandma took me to the fish market and these specific ones caught my eye.
Piccadilly Station. Both times I went to Manchester were on trains so I've been here a lot.
A super cool machine which turned your faces into stickers me and my friends found in Chinatown, Manchester
Finding corn fields on bike rides.
Making sushaayyyyyyyy.
As for music, which I seem to go on about, I will hopefully be doing another post allllll about that. When I say hopefully I mean hopefully.

I promise I am going to try and fit blogging into my routine somehow. I think the reason why it used to take me such a long time is because I spent a lot of time taking photos and editing them. Although I would love to add colour and image to my little blog, it may be more realistic to just do some good ol' iPhone texty type posts as I don't tend to find myself on my laptop as often as I used to be. But yes, BYEEEEEE!


  1. Haha, you're summer break is just starting up while mine is just winding down :P Can't wait for that music post! I always love learning about other bloggers' music taste, what with my constantly screaming about mine :P

    Glad to see you're back!

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. aw well hope you had a great summer! Yes I will try and do that soon and tbh I'm really thankful that you still read my blog - THANKYOU! :)


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