Friday, 24 April 2015

friday favourites

Currently: in the process of packing for a weekend trip to London. My parents have yet another craft fair (that makes me sound agitated. I'm not agitated) and this time in London! Hence the weekend trip. I'm supposed to be doing odd jobs but what's stopping me from doing a quicky blog post also? Yes, time, I know. Oh well. We better get on them. Here are some recent favourites... friday favourites... 

*warning: this is done on my phone so no fancy font changes or anything like that. 

Favourite Songs
Speedy Ortiz - Raising the Skate

DRALMS - Pillars & Pyre

D.I.D (formerly known as Dog is Dead) - Hotel. AGBHH OMG I'm going to see them live in May! so excited !

Favourite Outfit
Top: Cow Vintage, Jumper: Topshop (Depop), Shorts: Cow Vintage, Scrunchie: Handmade

Favourite Denim Shirt
I wish. 

Favourite Sunset Photo
The other day on an "evening" walk to the park (the water bottle looked cool okay?)

Favourite Illustration
Hehe I love it. Thankyou Pinterest. 

Favourite House Extension
Although I'm a mere 14 year old, it doesn't mean I can dream, or show it to my parents - both tbh. But seriously, this is so beautifully executed and I am a huge fan of large glass panels. The house inside must be so light and airy. I also love the brick wall, which adds a warehouse-y feel, and the open stairs (dangerous yet SO CLEAN). 

Favourite Pattern/Print
Recently I have been obssesed with eye print on anything fabric although I've yet to own anything. 

Favourite Accessory 
My Ding Ding necklace! 

Favourite Food
Absolute bae. Apologies for the dodgy iPhone photo of half eaten cinnamon pastry. It's supposed to be rotated but I'm lazy and I truly am sorry I devoured it and its partner before a decent photo. Well that's what you get with unplanned blog posts. 

So that's all from me today. Sorry again for all the lifestyle posts as I'm
not exactly the most interesting person.  I promise I have a different post coming up ( a fashion post shhh - to continue worth my three part fashion series which I haven't boycotted yet ). anyway, better pack! BYEEEEEEEEE 

(Oh and don't be surprised if I do a London post because I will be taking my camera.) 

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