Friday, 17 April 2015

catch up// birthday+manchester!

Being the holidays and having had my birthday recently, I've got a lot of things to tell you about, plus a haul and photos (with my new camera!)

Yep. I'm now officially 14 (well I was about 2 weeks ago) and although I feel old with my independence levels reaching an all time high, fourteen is still unbelievably young. However, that's another topic. Anyway, I woke up to lots of birthday breakfast treats.  Despite having my birthday placed neatly in the spring time, the weather was horrendous. Torrential downpour and great gusts of wind. Not my idea of spring time weather. Nevertheless, my and my family set off to town for a spot of lunch at Yo Sushi. That was the second time trying the beautiful Japanese cuisine and I was certainly more adventurous (probably because I wasn't paying for it). 

On Tuesday, me and a couple of friends set out exploring Nottingham. Well I say exploring, we had a set place and Google maps. That's about to the extent that I'll probably be talking about when I say "exploring". We were hoping to have a picnic on the embankment by the River Trent. We did eventually find it, after a half an hour's walk and put out our blanket. Unfortunately, being the unprepared adolescents we are, the only food we had were pic n mix and rice crackers. Whoops. 

After that, we had a stroll across the bridge and back into "town" town. On the way we had a quick look in Hopkinsons, a vintage furniture and clothes shop. 

The day after, I had planned to go to manchester! With friends! On a train! An exciting experience for a newly found 14 year old. We didn't really do much that day except for take a tram back to my Grandma's.

The next day I had a little shop around with my grandma around town (ended up getting some jeans!) and the Lowry centre near media city. I then met up with my friends to watch The Duff: the perfect sleepover movie. To get home I had to take a tram alone. Another exciting yet slightly daunting experience. And, unfortunately, it was rush hour, meaning I had to stand up and hold onto a pole for dear life every time the tram moved. 

On Friday i met up with my baes again to do a bit of shopping, vintage shopping of course. We started off in paperchase, well not just paperchase, a massive paperchase (three story like wat even) and then we made our way to the Northern Quarter, one of my favourite parts of manchester. And, without resorting to my trusty friend Google maps, we found Afflecks Palace, possibly the best shopping destination on earth. With every corner filled with wonderful bits and bobs, we spent ages in there. As a person who finds it difficult to buy anything full price, I actually only bought 2 things: a pink Scrunchie and totoro backpack, both furry actually. Other shops welcoming our arrival were Cow, Fred Aldous and Pop Boutique. After consistent walking, we found ourselves in Piccadilly Gardens by the Manchester Eye chatting, taking a few photos and being pestered by pigeons. Guess it served us right sitting in front of a massive mound of bread. Then it was another lone tram ride for me, luckily sitting down though. 

Saturday was departure day. *weeps incessantly* and when I facetime back to nottingham I actually had to go straight to the centre to help my parents at their craft fair. Also, I actually was borrowing my auntie's 55L trekking backpack  so I stuffed everything into that plus a suitcase and walked through town looking like I was backpacking through the city or something. 

On Monday was my first ever proper proper gig at a proper venue. I went to see Circa Waves, Gengahr and Ratboy at Rescue Rooms with my friends Esme and Anna. And, despite generally being someone who tends to dislike people, cramped spaces and the invasion of personal space, it was AMAZING! As soon as it started, an overwhelming feeling of ecstasy cast over us and no matter how many people were in close proximity to us, we just wanted to dance, jump, fist pump, whatever you'd expect from an "indie rock" gig. There was a mosh pit, which we were neatly placed just out of, luckily. It did look fun though. That was until I saw a scramble of flesh pushing anyone and everyone into anyone and everyone. No. 

Now, for the small haul (ooh that rhymed) I'd mentioned (as I've accumulated quite a few bits and pieces):

And, as I briefly mentioned...

It is the Canon Eos 600D (Rebel T3i) and I actually won it from an eBay auction! It came with 2 lenses: the 35-55mm f/3.5 kit lens and 50mm f/1.8 lens. I am literally in love with it and am now officially one of those people which wear a camera like a necklace. As that was my main present, most of the items shown in the "hauly" type thing were bought with my own money. 

Conclusion: I am 14 and I have friends.

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  1. OMGGGG THAT CAMERAAA I am literally physically seething with jealousy; I want a DSLR sooo badddd it literally hurts.

    and "generally being someone who tends to dislike people, cramped spaces and the invasion of personal space" lolllll that is an exact description of me xD

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