Friday, 23 January 2015

getting ahold of the cold | my tips to you

A little insight into my life: I am currently ill. Nothing majorly horrible. Just a cold + headache + slump. Anyway, although young, I've had my fair share of the sniffles. And, with the help of my good ol' mother, I have a few tips for you! If you're ill now, great, well not great but this will come into great handiness. If you aren't, bury these words at the back of your mind and it might come handy!

I, personally, drink gallons (well slight exaggeration) of hot water. Some people may not like it but when you can't taste anything anyway, you might aswell soothe your throat. Also, you don't want to overdose on caffeine and hot sugary drinks. 

I heard somewhere (Buzzfeed I believe) that vitamin c doesn't actually help however it doesn't take much effort eating an extra orange. Also, you can't overdose on vitamin c, just pee it out! *fake cheesy smile and thumbs up*

I ain't gonna get down and dirty with the science behind this but I'm pretty sure that chicken soup does cure colds! Google it if you don't believe me. 

I find that the worst part of having a cold is night time. The blocked nose thus inability to breathe, the horrible pain you get when you swallow, the utter thirst. So get a box of tissues next to your bed, prop yourself up with a mountain of pillows and get a glass of water. You might even want to get your bed cozy and warm with a hot water bottle!

// STEAM! //
When it's nearing to the end of your cold, the best thing to do is to clear your congested nose with a steam. This involves hovering over boiling water in a pan with a towel over your head. By breathing in with your nose, the steam can, well just do you good. I'm no scientist but it works (as far as I'm aware). I suggest not doing this when you are at the climax of the sniffles because you will not be able to breathe. Well, I'm not sure. You could give it a go. Like I said, not a scientist. Anyway, whilst your at it, you could go for a facial scrub or mud mask as your pores will be OOOPPEEEN FOOOR DUTY. P.S You could also down scale and go for a cuppa hot water and just breathe it in.

So I know these weren't exactly mind blowing but I know they work so hope you get better soon (For when you're ill of course)! 

Also, sorry for the lack of banner and fancy font but I just wanted to get a quick post up on my phone before I doze off. 

dali! x

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